Rules for creating your MUSICAL MADNESS 2024 Challenge Quilt:


    • Your entry should represent one of your favorite pieces of music as a quilt!
    • Be imaginative with respect to Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Timbre, Form and where the quilt will be presented! We will talk about each of these at meetings in early 2023.
    • Your quilt may be made in any manner: machined, hand done, pieced, appliqué, embellished, traditional, modern, or mixed techniques.
    • It must have three quilted layers.
    • Minimum size is 30” on each side, and maximum size is 60” on each side. But it needn’t be square or rectangular! (A piano shaped quilt?!) but it must have a minimum binding length of 120” and a maximum of 240”.
    • It must be made between January 2023 and January 2024.
    • You must be a current guild member to participate in the challenge.
    • And you should expect to show your quilt at the January 2024 meeting with an audible snippet of the music that motivated you!

    Questions?  Challenge Advisor: Beau Palmer

    Inspirational Videos from Beau:

    The Baroque Era

    The Classical Era