Devon Pfeif has created some iconic quilts, but her involvement in quilting is a relatively recent development. After moving to Atlanta, she saw some quilts that she liked and met Guild member Ben Hollingsworth. Around 2009, she and Ben created a quilt for a show, and Devon was hooked. She enjoyed the process of making and showing the piece. Quilt classes at the Guild followed. Devon says she learned a lot there, but always wanted to do things her own way. She was intrigued by what she calls “problem solving” – the process of taking an idea and making it her own in an innovative way.

“Life’s Journey” is Devon’s portrait quilt. Not only is it a remarkable representation of her, but it’s made from fabric from her life and that of her family. In this quilt, the parts of Devon’s hair are not sewed flat, but instead project from the background.

Devon enjoys working in a small format and using Cherrywood hand-dyed fabrics, especially in the company’s annual challenge. Devon’s first entry, for the Lion King challenge, was accepted by Cherrywood, and selected by Disney to go to New York for the musical’s anniversary celebration. Next came the Van Gogh challenge, with his paintings swirling around his head – once again three dimensional.

Prince was the theme for the third year that Devon participated in the challenge. Her portrait of Prince won first place in this international competition! The Guild sponsored an exhibit of the quilts here in Cobb County. The opening reception coincided with a concert by a Prince tribute band, and Prince fans swarmed the exhibit for photos with the quilts and with Devon.

Recently, Devon has been working on a series of small wall pieces using recycled silk ties. One of them won first place in the Miniature category at Georgia Celebrates Quilts®.

You’ll know by now that Devon is nominated to be our Guild President in 2024. But did you know she found it a bit overwhelming the first time she attended a meeting? Devon says that everyone was friendly, and she quickly realized that the best way to be a part of the group was to volunteer. She co-chaired the Library Committee for many years, and for the quilt show, Devon handles Layout, the process of deciding where each of the 300+ quilts will be displayed.

Thanks, Devon, for your great quilts and for volunteering to lead our guild in the new year.

Devon at exhibit – Prince fans snap photos of Devon with her quilt at the Mable House exhibit and concert.

2018- 1st Place
Cherrywood Challenge

“Life’s Journey” 
Self Portrait

“Van Gogh”
2017 Cherrywood Challenge
Significant 3D Elements

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