October 29, 2023

Who We Are – Devon Pfeif

Devon Pfeif has created some iconic quilts, but her involvement in quilting is a relatively recent development. After moving to Atlanta, she saw some quilts that she liked and met Guild member Ben Hollingsworth. Around 2009, she and Ben created a quilt for a show, and Devon was hooked. She enjoyed the process of making and showing the piece. Quilt classes at the Guild followed. Devon says she learned a lot there, but always wanted to do things her own way. She was intrigued by what she calls “problem solving” – the process of taking an idea and making it

September 6, 2023

Who We Are – Lynn Rinehart

Lynn Rinehart has a passion for valuing artists’ work, so it’s not a surprise that she is a certified quilt appraiser. She loves all quilts and is eager to appraise them, regardless of age, but contemporary quilts really speak to her. The energy and effort put into each one stands out to Lynn, and she uses that knowledge to help today’s quilters understand the value of their work. Lynn’s introduction to quilting was the opening of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, which was hardly “beginner friendly” but it was inspirational. A few years later, in 1998, after moving
Fran Fister learned to knit when she was 6 and crochet when she was 7, but quilting came along later. Her very first quilt was a kit from Woolworth’s, with blocks of stamped embroidery and fabric for the sashing and borders. Fran started the quilt for her hope chest (remember those?) but was married and pregnant with her first child when an Amish woman offered to hand quilt it for her.  As her children were born, Fran made each of them a crazy quilt, with all the embroidery stitches she had learned as a little girl. Then, when the Fisters