What’s it like to win a Blue Ribbon at the International Quilt Festival in Houston? Well, Cindy Richards knows because it happened to her! In 2007. Her quilt, Dancing Ribbons, was awarded the top prize in the Art Miniature category. This famous little quilt measures 12” square and is hand stitched from Thai silk. The warp and weft of the silk are different hues, giving the quilt a glow that makes it really stand out. Dancing Ribbons Dancing Ribbons got its start when Cindy needed a handwork project for a trip with her husband who would be busy with work
Jan Kramer came to quilting after a lifetime of sewing garments. Her mother was an excellent seamstress and Jan learned from her, taking pride in careful sewing, good material, and a professional result. So, it’s no wonder that when she happened upon the Village Quilt Shop in Stone Mountain in the late 90s, quilting was a natural fit. The shop, which many of us remember fondly, had a block of the month program, and Jan was all in. Soon, she was taking classes and a quilter was born. Jan has tried lots of different styles but finds that she returns
After years as a serial entrepreneur, Denise Russell has made her “avocation” into her “vocation” – she is a full-time pattern designer for Missouri Star Quilts. Who knew there were even such jobs out there? Denise began quilting in 2005 when she lived in Maryland. Her work life and home life were overwhelmingly male, so the quilt store in town offered the chance to be among women.  She decided to dust off her sewing machine and jump in. With an Eleanor Burns “Quilt in a Day” book, Denise became a quilter. In 2015, Denise decided to submit some of her